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Here are some scans of reversal film I shot last weekend. I'd like to have been able to say that they are straight scans with no manipulation, but for reasons I don't know the scans didn't do justice to the contrast of the slides and so I have regrettably had to tweak them to give as close an accurate representation as I can. Even that is difficult, as these new-fangled LCD screens give different brightness/contrast levels depending on the angle of viewing. Anyway, for better or worse, here they are. The basic process is FP4 @ 125ASA, first dev Ilford PQ Universal + Hypo, stop and wash, permanganate bleach, second dev PQ Universal, no Hypo. It's a combination of Ilford's process (with far less Hypo than they suggest) and the permanganate/bisulphate bleach recommended by Existing Light. If anyone's interested, I can post the exact process.

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They look like very good indeed!