Ah, a variation of the film vs. digital debate. It reminds me of the CD vs. vinyl debate in the music world.

If you've shot only digital, you shouldn't expect digital results. There is no grainless image. Like life, film has its flaws. The light meter might not "read" the scene correctly. You might miss focus. Dust spots on the negative.

I would recommend that you don't spend endless hours comparing film results to digital. They are different mediums like charcoal sketches and oil paintings.

By the way, replace the foam seals on your camera, if they haven't already been replaced. Otherwise, you'll learn about the flaw of Japanese cameras - the use of light-blocking foam, which turns to goo after a couple of decades and allow light to seep in and fog your film. Don't let that get into the shutter mechanism -- that would be bad news for the shutter.