As one who uses 35mm, 6x9 and 4x5... I can tell you what I expect of 35mm comparatively.

While 6x9 and 4x5 offer more film area, and result in less grain and more sharp detail, a fine grain film in 35mm can compare. I find subjectively the 35mm shows me the same amount of detail - but the edges are not as sharply defined as when I use larger formats.

You can say I unfairly compare traditional grain film 35mm to tabular grain 4x5, that is two changes at once. Yes I made two changes in my step up from 35mm.

Slides (or color) 35mm I expect freedom from flare, and I paint an impression of the scene before me. A Macro lens is important to me because after taking in the wide scene, I focus on studying details that make up parts of the scene - as an exploration of the environment. With 4x5, one shot takes all and I leave the scene (because I have limited amount of film, each scene gets one, two or if I lose myself and forget my limitation 4-6 shots).

35mm allows me to shoot a series that gives an impression of the scene with rich detail, while 4x5 gives similar impression in one shot. Not sure that one exceeds the other, because the amount of detail is infinite with both systems because you can just get closer.

With 35mm I expect clear, clean, scratch-free frames. With larger formats, in vintage cameras I get some flare, specks of dust, occasional but light scratches. Other photographers can get pristine negatives from medium and large formats. I tend to get pristine 35mm and lightly flawed negatives from larger formats.