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I can report one of my favorite and more difficult papers to print on now is predictable, easy coating and a great black. Rives BFK a paper from the printmaking world as opposed to the watercolor world. I have only experimented with the 175 gsm but I have some 300 gsm coming in. But very happy that as far I can see at this point it will probably jump to the start of preferred papers for Pt/Pd. This was from using the 20/20 10% sulfamic technique. Thank you for sharing your testing.
Hi Stan,

It is great to hear from you again and it is good news for Pt/Pd enthusiasts (unlucky me, I can't afford pt/pd yet ).
Well, I will note that paper down for myself, there can be no doubt about the quality of the paper imo. It is great to have the contribution of such master printer.

I will soon (a few days, need to do some tests) include some shortcomings of the SA itself, it is not concerning the de-alkalizing procedure.
It is likely that after treating 20-25 full sheets(56x76cm), the reactions times would get longer (depends on the paper buffer).
It is not about the capacity of the acid, or the de-alkalizing procedure, but the nature of sulfamic acid.
I will elaborate on the subject later.

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