Ron - as you should know, "predictions" of print life based upon brief accelerated-aging torture tests are basically shoot-from-the-hip extrapolations based upon calculators with a great big BS Coefficient buttons. The best of the chromogenics, CAII, is by Fuji's own estimation
expected to have significant yellowing due to residual couplers within fifty years. That doesn't stop me from printing it. I certainly won't be
around another fifty years to find out, anyway. Let's just say the consensus is, that chromogenic prints have indeed dramatically improved
in recent years. But in terms of initial capture and color accuracy, I'd say we've lost the most accurate chrome films, namely tungsten films
and Astia, which were the best under controlled copy conditions. With the current neg films, I'm finding Ektar to actually be more accurate
than Portra 160 in terms of hues and shadow accuracy, though at a disadvantage in terms of latitude. Always something new to learn, it