Depends on where you live or are willing to ship your film to. In my area there are still full-service labs which can offer a range of options.
But as mentioned above, going from a slide directly to a positive chemical print is an almost extinct path. Nowadays, one can go from a color
neg directly to RA4 papers, or from either neg or chrome via scanning to either RA4 paper or inkjet. What represents better quality really
depends on several factors, the most important probably being the competency of the lab and the quality of their equipment, upon how well
you communicate together, and upon your individual taste, as well as the reproduction quality of your original shots. Quickie automated
printing services might be cheap, but they can't control many variables. Pro labs can offer machine prints or contact sheets or a disc; and
then can go back and custom print anything you find particularly desirable. But a cheap scan can give you a very misleading idea of what
to expect. Like everything else, you're only as good as the weakest link in the chain, and you might have to experiment with different labs
for awhile to find one you trust.