Blue Moon Camera is in Portland, OR. I have used them and they are dedicated film shooters, they have optical services (both in machine prints and enlargements), as well as scan-to-print services.

Richard Photo Lab...Hollywood, CA
I use them for events and weddings, online fulfillment for client galleries, and so on. They also do canvas and fine art prints, but I think they stopped all their optical services which makes me sad. They have a service called "ColorPac," where they do a profile for you so that the scans are consistently how you like them (i.e. warm, cool, neutral...etc), and I find this valuable for weddings.

Both labs have awesome customer service and receive orders from all over the world. BMC is seriously analog and RPL is serious about film in a digital world...IMO.

Another stated above in the DIY suggestion...find a rental darkroom...printing your own stuff is an awesome way to learn how to shoot better, and save money at the same time. Plus, DIY darkroom is rewarding...I miss it.
I also think you should post your location, as you will get lots of specific advice from folks in your area.