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If you always have the same strap on the body (assuming you use a strap), you could clip something onto it - or color-code the straps, lens-cap, etc.

I do really like Peltigera's accessories shoe idea.

Depending on your model camera, it may have been offered at some point, and you may be able to pick up a used back with the holder.
I have a Canon Elan 7E. Not sure if a back with holder was ever made for it. At least, I haven't seen any reference to one. But I am not an expert on equipment so the fact that I haven't seen any mention of one doesn't mean a great deal.

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Which camera does the OP have? I have a couple of cameras without the box end flap holder but they both have a window where I can see the film cassette inside and know what kind of film is loaded.
It does have a window, but I can't really see much through it other that to see if it is loaded. Beyond that, it is not of much use.