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Have you used any of them? Which do you like best? Which is in best condition? Which has the most useful accessories?
Sadly I haven't used most of them. So far only have had one house that I was able to get a darkroom setup in but we have moved since then and so the stuff has been playing tag along till I we get another house that I can setup a darkroom in. Think I finally found one though :-)
So far the only one I have had the pleasure of using was the b600 and that was mainly cause it was nice light and easy to carry and I had the stuff that went to it sitting right next to me. Honestly I'm not sure what all I have for the other enlargers though but honestly I'm sure have have most anything I need. The stuff I bought came with boxes upon boxes of stuff and I still havent' been able to go through all of it yet. This came from a lot that was donated to a school. The schoo switched to digital and just wnated to get rid of it. So I picked up 5 enlargers tons of timers, trays a couple lens's and I know multiple negative carriers and much more for about $50. This was a couple years ago though.

Right now another problem though is cash. I wouldn't mind picking up a color head for the 45 or the 23 but I'm broke and was just recently laid off. I can't afford another head currently which is partly why I was thinking of the 45 and the durst. at least that way I've got it covered for most any format and then if I want to switch to color I have the durst for that. Might try to fenagle my way into keeping three of them but I'm not sure how well that will go. Could use the money from selling them also.

One thing I did notice about the 45 though is the motor makes a burning smell once it gets near the top of it's range. On the wya down it's fine and as long as you stay near the bottom of the range it's ok but the closer you get to the top the slower it goes and the more it stinks. I saw something about an adjustment or spring that goes out of adjustment but couldn't find any other information on how to fix that.