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first, I'm glad that AgX could help you, but given that you are a professional and this is a commercial website
maybe you should consider (for your future requirements) to pay someone to have this done professionally. I think your beautiful pictures deserve high quality texts and such an investment would pay off in the long run.
As you write that you are based in Freiburg, Germany, there is one point that I have to bring to your attention.
In case that your business is registered in Germany, you are required by law to have an "imprint" ("Impressum") on your (commercial) website. Your website is obviously missing such an imprint, which could not only invite hefty fines from the authorities but could also lead to very expensive legal action; unfortunately there are some nasty lawyers out there whose "business model" it is to scan the web for commercial websites that lack imprints, then initiating legal action against them and collecting their lawyer's fees from them. This is a real threat, a lot of small businesses have had to learn this the hard way, so please get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Good luck,
Thank you for the alert.
I am actually still looking on how to register a company because somebody told me I have to, but because I am not able to comunicate well in German things are slow for me to find out how to do.
But I will check this out too.

Thank you very much.