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Here are some scans of reversal film I shot last weekend. I'd like to have been able to say that they are straight scans with no manipulation, but for reasons I don't know the scans didn't do justice to the contrast of the slides and so I have regrettably had to tweak them to give as close an accurate representation as I can. Even that is difficult, as these new-fangled LCD screens give different brightness/contrast levels depending on the angle of viewing. Anyway, for better or worse, here they are. The basic process is FP4 @ 125ASA, first dev Ilford PQ Universal + Hypo, stop and wash, permanganate bleach, second dev PQ Universal, no Hypo. It's a combination of Ilford's process (with far less Hypo than they suggest) and the permanganate/bisulphate bleach recommended by Existing Light. If anyone's interested, I can post the exact process.

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Steve. They look very good. I think it would be very helpful to anyone doing or considering reversal processing if we could see your exact process. It is always useful to be able to compare details and you have achieved a good tonal balance with your particular process and at full EI.