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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I wasn't even considering 400 speed film because I used to only ever shoot ISO 50 and 100 films! :-). Maybe for a child it is worth the grain and color penalty. A couple questions this brings up:
Since they apparently no longer sell Gold 100 or Superia Reala (what a shame!), is the grain penalty going from ISO 200 to 400 not that large anymore?
Would anyone here say the Kodak Gold 400 is worth 30 cents a roll more than the Fuji Superia 400? I remember 10 years ago I certainly liked the Kodak colors better, but I have shot mostly slides since then. Definitely not starting her out on those! ;-)
Although with them being printed on Fuji Crystal Archive and developed most likely in Fuji chemicals at Costco, would the Kodak Gold 400 even show any difference? Maybe the other steps in the process render it a moot point, I don't know.
IMO, both Sureria and Gold, 400 speed films are really sweet.

As to the difference in colors between Sureria and Gold, is nothing to right home about. Yes, there are differences, but in metaphor it's like choosing between two different good friends to spend an afternoon with.

Another thing about C41 films, unlike traditional B&W, is that extra exposure actually reduces grain and avoids most color issues. I'll happily shoot 400 rated C41 films at EI's as low as 25 or even 12 in a pinch. At the underexposure end of the scale, I'm much more careful. 1-stop under is typically workable when needed.