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What is crucial in 35mm work flow to get great result IMHO is that you need to be careful on very step: from choosing good lens, nice film, careful developing, checking temperature during developing, printing on great enlarger with great enlarging lens, perfect align enlarger and so on. Watching on every little step and perfecting your work will give excellent result on the end. Medium format is more forgiving (my experience from time when I was using 35mm and 6x6).
While "technically" I agree and even strive to maintain the high process standards you suggest. Heck, I believe in and even defend the use MF or LF when people say it won't work in certain situations, but one of the true joys of small camera work lies in its spontaneity.

What I'm getting at here is that 35mm cameras can typically be grabbed, set up, pointed, and properly adjusted much more quickly than medium format cameras, that typically makes them much more forgiving when just bopping about or when unexpected opportunities arise and, if used consciously, the exposure and focus and the emotion portrayed can be "considerably better", grain and fine detail be damned get the bloody shot and sort'em out later.