I'm sure Olympus maximized every detail in producing this print for an advertisement poster. It was B&W, no doubt a slow, very fine grained film, and impeccable darkroom work. You could see quite clearly every tiny bump and wrinkle in the makeup applied to the subject's face. If, however you walked right up to it and looked it over with a 5X loop.....then no, the detail would probably not have matched the same shot taken with a then current Hasselblad 500C and 80mm Zeiss lens.

I shoot lots of half frame, and seldom go larger than 8X, or 6X8 inch on 8X10 paper. I have to set up the enlarger in a small, very cramped bathroom, and my 35mm only Durst enlarger was free and is very modest. Still, if you are willing to put in the effort, 35mm can be pushed beyond 8X10 for the occasional outstanding shot.