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I shoot lots of half frame, and seldom go larger than 8X, or 6X8 inch on 8X10 paper. I have to set up the enlarger in a small, very cramped bathroom, and my 35mm only Durst enlarger was free and is very modest. Still, if you are willing to put in the effort, 35mm can be pushed beyond 8X10 for the occasional outstanding shot.
I personally need 8lpmm in a print, which necessitates EFx8 in the negative, EF being the enlarging factor. Now if I am looking at a 12x16, which I suspect may be a sensible upper limit, I would need 96lp/mm on the negative. There are documents floating the web about using high res Adox CMS film which means this is entirely possible with 135, just google gigabit film. However, I'd rather just use my 120 negatives for that size of print, given arguments about tonal information being lacking prior to resolution limits being hit. Back to the point in hand though, the 50mm lens I have been testing scored 35lp/mm as its resolution limit. This means the upper limit of a print would be 5x7, but at that point, the lens is already being stretched, meaning it would lack contrast and tonal information in a 5x7. There is a benefit in having a lens which could reach higher resolution levels used in a smaller print, as the tonal information will be more detailed for any given level of resolution.