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As with so many other photographic questions, the answer is "it all depends".
For street shooting, which I've done for more than 50 years, 35mm is the answer for the best quality/portability balance.
I shoot 400 ASA, I mean ISO, either Tri-X, Fuji or Ilford, soup it in Rodinal and scan and print.
I no longer wet print.
I accept the image for what it is....a quickly captured moment.
This is not fine art photography.
Any size print is acceptable, if viewed at the proper distance.
For superb quality, medium format is required, or even large format if you are trying print like Ansel Adams.
It's so much easier to work with the larger negatives than with 35mm, if ultimate print quality is your goal.
An image from a simple 6x6 Yashicamat will be superior to an image from the finest Leica or Nikon.
Size matters.
My only comment is that 35mm shot can reach the level of fine art photography, just as a shot taken with an 8X10 may be mundane. The formate does not define what is or what is not art.