Well, here is a point to consider. Drew brought it to mind with his excellent comments on lighting.

Dyes are quite sensitive to different parts of the spectrum. The 500 fc that Fuji uses assumes office or foyer lighting using fluorescent lights (IIRC) but Kodak's 200 fc uses both daylight and artificial light with a continuous spectrum. This is another divergence as follows.

There is a property called Metamerism in dyes in which they change hue depending on the illuminant. The chromogenic dyes are low in this property but the inkjet and POD inks and pigments tend to be high in this property. Thus, you may have a perfect print under fluorescent illumination only to find it sadly magenta or cyan under home lighting of a different type or even under daylight.

This is not to be taken lightly (pun intended), as it can totally ruin the accuracy and balance of an otherwise good photo.