A few thoughts - I have a daughter who started photography at about that age, and it was a great opportunity for us to bond, and to share something - I support the endeavor regardless.

Regarding film, StoneNYC suggests B&W - which is what my daughter started on. You can process film at home and it is very low cost - you also get to see exactly what you get - with colour print film, many issues with exposure are masked by the printing, so it is less good as a learning experience.

Another way to go would be to go to a colour transparency film where the exposure latitude is even less. If she can develop the skill to get well exposed slides, then B&W, or colour print films will be easy.

Bottom line though, is that she can learn on any film, and any film can help you to grow closer - don't let the film get in the way of creating memories.

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I was going to suggest real B&W film instead, then you can teach her to develop at home too and see the results as it hangs to dry, she might like that, and B&W neg's are much nicer to look at than color ones. Plus B&W has more latitude for error, AND if she gets a lot of "dull" color from the cheaper film, she might loose interest, but B&W is almost always more interesting with the contrast of tones IMHO... just a thought.