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Yes, they don't tell me anything about the damn thing lol, at least with for example canon uses DO for diffractive optics or comments on an Aspherical Element. In their description, rather than making unpronounceable names that make no sense unless you've grown up only with Leica or LF lenses. I've never understood some of the silly names they have or what they mean, Kodak too, they don't make any sense... How can I tell what's better, at least with canon I know the L lens is the better one...

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stone you forgot
that leica has thousands
of accessories that are obscure
and i find it equally as funny that
someone may say
" you mean you don't have a FODGELR?!"
and it is a mini camel's hair brush for the eyepiece
that sold in 1952 and clipped onto the budda-ear m2s
with serial numbers between xxxxxxx02 and xxxxxxx26

leica thread mount lenses not only fit leicas, but
all the INEXPENSIVE AND WONDERFUL russian clones
( like zorki's fed's and their cousins )

no need to fret stone .. only people who need to know
leica jargon know leica jargon.