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If the mechanism works OK without film, there might be a problem when film is installed due to the very slight increase in thickness. The back area where the little frame counting tang is depressed when the back is closed may have become worn just sufficiently to allow a problem (???)
Absolutely a possibility and a fairly likely scenario considering the evidence. When I examined the little tang you mentioned, it did look 'fairly' worn but, of course, I don't have any other one handy to compare it to :/

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Did I not read where you ran a whole roll of film through accidentally? Why not use this as you “dummy” roll and do some experimenting. Actually b&w roll film is so cheap, I would advise you purchase one (or two) just for learning. You could also use the film to learn tank loading if you are thinking of home processing.
Yes you did read that Unfortunately those rolls became the subject of a misunderstanding between my wife and myself which resulted in them going out with the rubbish.
I'm trying to fit troubleshooting this camera in around my day job which is proving irksome. I will definitely pick up some more cheap B&W to test with.
Telling my wife that I'm buying *more* "stuff" to develop at home may well result in another one of those 'misunderstandings'