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Just curious, what are your quality expectations shooting 35mm film? Do you print? If yes, how large? Do you compare your 35mm output to a digital camera and expect a certain level of quality?

I just bought a 35mm film camera and want to make sure I do not judge it too harshly so want to hear from others and their expectations.

Consider the 35mm format. The choice of formats is rightly based on the relative strengths a weaknesses of the various options. The strengths of 35mm as opposed to other formats are portability, speed, ability to make many exposures in a short amount of time, etc. Highest quality is more appropriate for formats that use a greater film area. I like 35mm for is handling, the use of motor drives, the ability to easily carry a variety of lenses, its basic versatility. I seldom print larger than 8x10 and I find that the quality that 35mm produces is adequate for my needs. I would think that knowing the limitations of yourself and your equipment is part of the process of learning the craft of Photography.