I bought a Canham MQC 5x7 outfit from ebay as it included the 5x7 to 4x5 reducing back I have been looking for. As I do not need two 5x7 MQCs I am selling the newer of the two. It is in very good condition, not mint, anything that has seen some use is rarely mint, but this is very nice condition and fully operational. It is complete with the Canham focusing screen with built in Fresnel.

I will supply one Genuine Canham Lensboard (Copal 1) to get the new owner started with the camera.

There is also a very good condition Bag Bellows to fit and a Genuine Canham to Linhof Technika adapter also available either as accessories or as a complete outfit.

This was imported from the US into the UK and all VAT and Duty has been paid at a cost of 183 on top of the final ebay price and shipping so purchase within the EU will not incur any further costs.

As I am only looking to recoup the money I have laid out minus the value of the 4x5 back so am looking for 750 ($1200) (new $3170) for the Camera, 140 ($225) (new $400) for the Bag Bellows and 70 ($110) (new $161) for the Canham Adapter, the accessories will only be available separately after the camera has been sold and if they are not required by the purchaser of the Camera.

I am willing to sell all the items together as an Outfit for the sum of 875 ($1400) which coincidently is the amount I paid for my Canham MQC 5x7 Camera alone and this will give the new owner a great 5x7 Camera outfit at a reduced rate. On top of this should the purchaser require them I will offer a box of 6x Linhof Technika Style Lens Boards (2x Copal 0, 1x Copal 1 and 3x Copal 3) for an additional 25.

All prices are plus shipping and paypal fees if required, collection from Plymouth is not an issue if required.I have been over every aspect of this camera and except for 3 blemishes (marked in pink and purely cosmetic) there is only normal use marks. Everything works as it should and it and the accessories will give many years of service.
Basic Frame:

Frame with standard bellows at full extension (24 inches):

Camera at more normal extension:

Standard bellows at Minimum Extension:

Rear of Camera showing Ground Glass:

Front of Camera with included Canham Board: