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stone you forgot
that leica has thousands
of accessories that are obscure
and i find it equally as funny that
someone may say
" you mean you don't have a FODGELR?!"
and it is a mini camel's hair brush for the eyepiece
that sold in 1952 and clipped onto the budda-ear m2s
with serial numbers between xxxxxxx02 and xxxxxxx26

leica thread mount lenses not only fit leicas, but
all the INEXPENSIVE AND WONDERFUL russian clones
( like zorki's fed's and their cousins )

no need to fret stone .. only people who need to know
leica jargon know leica jargon.
I need to know the LF stuff, I even own a darn Schneider something or other for 4x5 haha and I don't know what the rest of the name means, just that someone I trust said its a decently good lens.

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