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Welcome back Pete!! This reminds me, the last time we (Melbourne folk) tried to organise an outing it completely collapsed somehow!! Should we have another go everyone? The weather's freezing now, so... the perfect time :-)


You're in the wrong thread, Marc!
This thread is 7 years old!!

LJH and me seem to have hit off in agreement Thurs/Fri speculating on spending maybe a weekend down at JamesR's cubby at Sandy Point. (See thread started by SteveR titled something about suggestions for getting his creative spark re-ignited, or somesuch...). Probably wouldn't suit you as no nearby coffee! You'd have to DIY (but if you're sweet and give me a camera to play with I'll bring my Nespresso and five vars of cawfie!) The idea would be to explore Wilsons Prom, weather conditions permitting. Maybe even the dunes of Big Drift or the bigger dunes facing Darby River and the beach. Evening light down there would be a treat, assuming good conditions... if not good conditions, forget it.