I'd like to try cyanotype, but I'd rather not resort to digital methods for preparing a transparency. I'd like to say it's because I want to be totally puritanical about it -- and that's part of it -- but the main reason is because I don't have a good printer. Anyway, I'd like to enlarge some 35mm and maybe 120 negatives.

My first thought was to enlarge onto Ortho Litho film, which is good and contrasty (that is good, right?) and of which I have a good supply on hand. But this would necessarily be a two-step process: enlarge negative to positive and contact print positive back to negative.

Then I had the idea of enlarging onto the Harman direct positive paper. This would give me a paper negative, though I guess it would significantly increase the exposure time of the cyanotype, since I'm exposing through paper instead of a transparency.

I'm wondering if anyone's tried the positive paper approach (search doesn't turn up much) or even the lith film approach, and can share their experiences.