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I'm wondering whether it is possible to repair the surface of a lens
that has been scored by fungus, or scratched, to minimize flare
when using the lens. I have a 75/4,5 Triotar in an Art Deco Rolleicord
that had fungus -- the fungus was cleaned and the lens looks clear
but it is a flare monster. From other photos I've seen online taken
through a Triotar, it shouldn't be so flare-prone as mine, and so I
am assuming that fungus and scratches have left the lens surface
in a condition that causes the flare.

So: Possible? And if possible, who (in the US) does it?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Sanders McNew
If the lens flares, it's probable that any coating was either destroyed by the fungus, or removed by whatever process was used to remove the fungus. Thake the lens and shine a penlight thorough it, is there a haze or fine scratches covering the surfaces? Haze can be cleaned, but fine scratches will cause flare and loss of contrast and there's nothing you can do except use a lens shade.