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I believe your self diagnosis is probably spot on.

You likely belong to that sad little minority who master their equipment, and can get the results they want out of it.

For others like me, we start out with much more enthusiasm than ability. Wishing to run before we can walk, we take close note of the equipment used to produce images we admire. So that we may produce "images like that".

Then, if you are like some of us, you get to the point that you forget which equipment you bought to get a certain "look", long before you attempt that image.

Which is not really a problem, because by now you have seen another image and are off pursuing the gear listed for that image.

And that, my friends, is how I got GAS.
I found out Mr. Baker more than thirty years ago by bitter experience as I've often written on this forum that buying more and more and better equipment doesn't solve the problem and make you a good photographer you can't buy creativity, and most hobbyist own more and much better equipment that the great photographers we all admire ever had that they became legends with.
The problem and sad fact is when a person eventually has all the best and most expensive equipment that their heart desires, and their work is still crap, they have nowhere to go, and nothing to blame.