3 Cambos, 1 extra standard, extra rail holder, & extra rail

I have three 4x5 Cambos that ride the 1 sq rail along with various accessories for these cameras. I am selling these Cambos because I have since acquired a Cambo 4x5 Master and and Cambo 8x10 Legend. The Cambo Legend and Cambo Master ride on a different shaped rail but otherwise all the modules (Lens boards, backs, reducing backs are interchangeable, which is one reason that I am not selling any lens boards since I am using them on the Master and Legend)
I have included the max number of pics to illustrate the items I am selling. I have more pics available, or if you want more information, please give me a shout and I will do what I can to answer specific questions.
Shipping is from Canada. If inquiring about postage, I will need the postal code if shipping to Canada, zip code for the USA, and country, for the rest of the world. I try to give the least expensive postage that includes tracking where possible. If you want Express, let me know.
Payment through PayPal, please and I will ship to the address on the PayPal invoice. I am obliged to declare the full value of the item on all postal and customs forms. The buyer is responsible for all custom duties and taxes. I will not send as a gift or lower the value of the item, so please do not ask. To do so would be asking me to do something that is illegal.
The tripod and quick release plate are no included.

Cambo 01: rides a 21" long rail, light tight bellows, revolving 4x5 back and rail/tripod holder
$170.00 + postage

Cambo 02: rides a 17" long rail, 2 lens standards, rail/tripod holder with 3/8 hole with adapter for the tripod screw.
$75.00 + postage

Cambo 03: rides a 21" long rail, 2 lens standards, rail/tripod holder 3/8" with adapter for the tripod screw ". All bubble levels are full.
$80+ postage

Cambo 04: Spare 4x5 lens standard for either the Cambo or Calumet cameras. Certain Calumet cameras had interchangeable parts with the Cambo. This standard is very useful if you have a 29 inch rail and two short bellows which can be joined to give the full extension that is allowed by the rail. It can also be used as the front or rear lens standard. $30.00 + postage

P1010473.JPGP1010308.JPGP1010292.JPGP1010475 - Copy.JPG

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