Relayer, what I have seen with ascorbic acid is that added at concentrations of 350-500mg/l, it serves primarily to prevent oxidation and doesn't affect silver reduction. Of course, hydroxylamine H2SO4 or HCl would be the preferred agent, but I don't have it. The formula seems to work and produces a color image, so I'm happy
Ian, I have seen fine-grain developer formulas with CD-1, also some formula substitutes for developers like Tetenal Emofin include it. It would be interesting to see how ascorbic acid works in synergy with CD-1, possibly giving a speed boost, I haven't tried it.
PE, I have read the other threads on CD-1, and I'm aware of the implications of using it as a developing agent; however, it is readily available in Bulgaria, whilst CD2-6 are hard to come by. In the end, C-41 and RA-4 chemistry is sold even in the local photo store.