For sale is the famous Horseman folding reflex binocular viewer. This one comes with the plate to mount it to Linhof Technikca IV/V/Master cameras. The plate mounts in place of the door. It will therefore work on any other camera that uses the same door system as the Linhof Technika. I believe this includes certain Shen Hao and Wista 4x5 cameras. It is in really good shape and has no problems whatsoever. I have a big face and really wide glasses and I have no problem fitting my face into the viewing mask to use it. I'm switching to a Maxwell screen (instead of viewers) and this needs to go to pay for it, as does my Horseman bellows viewer (see my other posting if you are interested in that viewer.)

Price is $400 plus shipping/pp. Shipping (including full insurance) is $40 to CONUS and $30 to Canada. Thanks!