I recently bought a **MINT** condition Sironar-N 150/5.6 from forum member Contrastique based out of Holland. This lens came in the original box (with serial #) and a matching (numbered) factory-ground focusing cam for Linhof Technika V or Master cameras. The cam is still shiny and gleaming from the buffing at the factory. However, as perfect as this lens and cam are, I have discovered that rangefinder focusing is not for me! I like the ground glass and am opting for a Maxwell screen instead, to ease focusing for myself, rather than getting my other lenses cammed.

However, if you have a Linhof Technika V or Master this is a great chance to get an as-new factory cammed 150mm lens! The cam will also physically fit the Technika IV but focusing accuracy is not guaranteed...you may be lucky, but this is really designed to function perfectly on any V or Master.

I paid $557 Canadian total, including shipping and paypal. I would like to get the same for it, and I will eat the shipping and paypal as part of this. In other words, I get my purchase price (but not my shipping and paypal) back and you get an as-new cammed lens.

Below is the link to Contrastique's original posting - the lens is pictured there. I HAVE MADE TWO SMALL CHANGES: I replaced the slip-on cap with a snap-in cap. The slip-on cap went to the buyer of my old 150mm lens. I prefer snap-in caps and didn't expect to be selling this so soon so I didn't worry about it. And the second thing is that I re-mounted it on a Technika lensboard that does not have the "Quicksocket" port on it. I don't know anyone - not even Linhof fanatics - who have cable releases that actually work with those quicksockets, so it should not be a big deal. Other than those two minor items the lens is as-pictured in the posting below.