For sale is the famous Horseman collapsible bellows binocular viewer. It mounts directly to the back of Horseman cameras (and possibly Sinar but I can't verify). I used it with a Linhof adapter plate which is being sold with my Horseman folding reflex viewer in another posting.

This viewer has seen better days but works fine. The bellows have a few cracks here and there, but it doesn't in anyway take away from how effective it is. Since they are not protecting the film from light, but rather just providing a bit of shade to improve your view of the screen, this is no problem. But this is not a collector piece - it shows use and is ready for years more of the same. As well, one of the two screws that the viewing mask rests on is missing its head. The mask is still secure and stable though, as it has the other screw and the stem of the headless one, plus the latch at the top. Again, totally functional but not for your show-and-tell collection.

I have a big face and really wide glasses and I have no problem fitting my face into the viewing mask to use it. I'm switching to a Maxwell screen (instead of viewers) and this needs to go to pay for it, as does my Horseman folding reflex viewer (see my other posting if you are interested in that viewer.)

Price is $175 including paypal and insured shipping to US or Canada. Don't miss a great deal!