I have for sale Toyo VX125 in excellent condition. I bought the camera last autumn, but used in only once. I thought I will manage to 'revive' my 4x5" activities, but that did not work and I am selling all my 4x5" equipment.

Before you read any further - if you have questions concerning the camera or included accessories - just ask without any hesitation.

So the camera:
- looks more-less like new
- all movements smooth & firm
- has very few signs of use
- all bubble levels are there and work properly
- bellow is light tight (I did not experience any light leaks) and looks good.
- comes with original box & instructions.

What is included:
- Toyo VX125 (collapsible monorail)
- 2x monorail end-caps (allow extension of the monorail)
- Manfrotto arca-style mounting plate
- Toyo-to-Linhof lens board adapter (original Toyo) - has many scratches, but works 100% fine and attaches firmly to the camera
- 2x Toyo lens boards (for Copal #0 and Copal #1)
- original ToyoVX125 case (very practical for safe shipping)

Price: 2200 for all items.
- I think that is a realistic number, but should you think otherwise feel free to make me an offer.
- Should the buyer of the camera explicitly NOT want some of the accessories these would then be available separately, but only once the camera will be sold.

- Money Transfer or Paypal (we can split the fee).

- the item will be insured up to its full value.
- I am located in Germany (Aalen). I am willing to ship worldwide, but please expect long (my experience with DHL 4-12 weeks with no real tracking outside EU) on oversees shipping unless you go with UPS or Fedex (expensive).
- local pickup & payment is possible too.

I have bought and sold a few items here over past few years and it has always been a pleasant experience. I will do my best to keep it that way.

Now the photos (please follow the links for larger photos):