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Might make an excellent fine grain B&W developer though, it's worth a try. This is an area that's been neglected although Johnsons (Meritol), Agfa Atomal and May & Baker Promicrol usesimilar approaches.

A starting point might be

Kodak Fine-grain Film Developer

US Patent 2193015

Distilled water (50C) 750 ml
Sodium sulfite (anhy) 30.0 g
Kodak CD-3* 5.0 g
Sodium carbonate (mono) 35.0 g
Distilled water to make 1.0 l

* 4-Amino-N-ethyl-N(beta-3-methane-sulphonamidoethyl)m-toluidine sulfate


Use full strength, develop for 20 minutes at 18C.