I had 3 rolls of color neg that I needed to develop, 1 roil of Portra 400 in 120, and some Fujicolor and Kodak gold in 35mm. I managed to fit it all in one tank with some luck. As usual I heated up my chemicals (Tentenal press kit) in my water bath and once it hit 102 degrees I started to develop. Nothing out of ordinary, but I did notice that the dev was a bit dark.

Once I was in the wash stage I took a peek and noticed that the film was completely blank. it had the orange mask, but no photos, no edge markings, nothing. Kind of wondering exactly what happened. I mixed the kit in mid feb, and last used it in mid March and it was perfect. I keep track of what I develop and this kit only had 3 rolls of 120 and 7 sheets of 4x5, still plenty under the limit.

Did I wait too long to develop this film, were the chemicals out of date from the time I mixed them?