Would I do fine using a dented old Nikomat FTn and a lens or two? Sure. A camera is just a light-tight box to hold film and mount a lens to. At least with cameras pertaining to this site. But, now that film gear (especially 35mm) is so cheap, there is a tendency to get GAS and buy stuff that you never were able to afford before. That's part of the reason why I have twelve Nikon film bodies (three not listed in my .sig) and one off-topic Nikon body. Does it mean that I'm going to shoot every camera each time I go out to shoot? Nope. In fact, frequently, I have the D200 with a 24/2.8 AF on it, and whatever film body and a lens or two, loaded up with Ektar 100, Portra 160, etc. I do tend to cycle through the gear. At the moment, I'm shooting a roll of Portra 160 through my FT2. Up next is my very clean-looking chrome FTn with a roll of Ektar 100. Might also whip out the FM2n, which currently has a roll of Delta 3200 in it. I try to avoid spending more than about $120 or so on a camera. Only exceptions as of late have been the latest F2AS and the F5. The F2AS, I did pay cash for, whereas the F5 wound up having stuff traded toward it, dropping the price to $125+tax, from $250. The Nikkormats are very easy to get for cheap. KEH keeps selling them on their kehoutlet eBay store in lots of six or seven, which keep going for $37-$56+shipping. I usually check them out when I get them, part out the duds, fix up the remaining bodies, sell the ones I don't want, and keep the ones I do want.

Anyway, getting back on-topic: Latest is a Nikon EL2 that I picked up for $15. Works fine, except for a slightly twitchy meter, which is probably the FRE being dirty.