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"The Print" by Ansel Adams says to use the selenium toner at 75-80F, not 68F as for the other baths.
Adams got a few things about toning wrong. He also advocated mixing the toner with hypo-clearing agent and then tossing it way before capacity was reached, both bad practice now.

From the Kodak Technical Publication on Toning Black-and-White Papers:

...Selenium toner:

"1. Dilute the toner with water according to the tone change
you want.
2. Immerse a thoroughly washed print in the toner solution
at 20C (68F) and agitate the print. Complete toning
occurs in 2 to 8 minutes, depending on the paper type
and weight.
3. When the print has almost the required tone, remove it
from the toning bath; toning will continue to some
extent in the wash."

I tone all the time with fix, toner and wash-aid all at the same temperature (I usually work at ambient temperature when printing) and the toner works just fine. Heating it up, and keeping it warm during an hours-long session is just too much of a PITA.