FWIW, making your own lensboards is not at all difficult if you have a bit of woodworking or metalworking experience. Plus, there are lots of used and after-market boards on eBay and other sites for not very much. FYI, if you are receiving a later model Zone VI camera (the Wisner or Ritter cameras with longer bellows) then it takes a 4x4 inch lensboard.

As for your 00 shutter... I would likely pick up another lens and keep your present 90mm for your Graphic. It will most probably be cheaper to find a used lens than to buy a shutter, have it overhauled and have your lens adapted to it.

I like the 90mm, 135mm, 200mm, 300mm kit for starters, if that helps in your lens choice. The spacing is fairly even, with each successive lens being about 150% longer than the preceding.