For sale is Rodenstock Grandagon 75/4.5 N in Copal#0 (black rim) shutter mounted in a 21mm recessed Wista lens board. I bought the lens from a member here and while it is a GREAT lens (the sharpness and flair resistance is incredible) - I have troubles using it to its full potential on my Tahichara (due to bellows being compressed) and since I have decided to scale-down my 4x5" setup (I may quite 4x5" altogether soon) I decided to sell it.

The lens:
- SN: 10927309
- is in pretty much perfect condition - if you look VERY closely you will find a tiny spot or two on the coating. Only when shining through with a LED flashlight I could see a bit of internal dust.
- no fungus or cracks or dents or lens separation. This is a nice one.
- since I have used a 3rd party push-on lens cap the lettering (which is on the outside of the lens barrel) got a little 'blacked-out'.
- the lens come with 2 well fitting 3rd party push-on caps

The shutter:
- works perfectly. I had no issue with it ever and also the 1 second sounds as it should.

The lens board:
- it is original Linhof lens board (has the cute badge), but the plastic little thingy that allowed to attached normal cable release is missing. I made a bit crude solution of my own which worked (there is no damage to the lens board!). Of course - you can covert it back to normal if you have the missing part.
- because of the condition - just consider the lens board 'free of charge'

Price: 550
- I think I am pricing this lens reasonably, but if you should think otherwise just make me an offer

- I ship worldwide, just ask me for a quote.

- Paypal (splitting the fee could work) or money transfer

- before you go for the detailed one let me mention, that I cleaned the glass with Zeiss cleaning kit AFTER I took the photos, so the little spots you see there is just dust. After the cleaning these are all to 99% gone.
- should you be interested in more pictures just let me know and I will take some more.