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Thanks,very interesting!!!
if someone can give others opinions or advices about Yashica lens it will be a big plesure to me!
I'd like a wideangle (24-28) that doesn't cost too much,but with a good quality...I'm not searching for very bright models...If 24 or a 28mm 2.8 or 3.5 has an aceptable quality it will be the right objetive for my FX-3.
Well I have two crappy DSB lenses...one is 55mm f2 and the other is the 28mm f2.8, someone gave me another 55mm f2 and that is much better. The ML 135mm f2.8 is nothing special, just good like many 135mms......so for me I avoid Yashica lenses although there are some very good ones (so I've read).