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To piggyback on the OP's question, I've never really understood how standard the shutter mountings are. If I get a good lens in a bad shutter, can I be basically assured of being able to just unscrew it and stick it on a good example of the same shutter? What about the same size but different brands (Compur 1 vs. Copal 1, or whatever)? What about going from a barrel to a shutter?

Yes, these are remedial questions, but I'm a pretty remedial-level LF shooter!

Only the newer rimset shutters are standardised, Copal, Compur, Prontor, Seiko, Epsilo, Trikom, AGI, Vario, possibly some others. Epsilon & Trikon are only size #0.

Thjere are some exceptions - shutters made for certain folding cameras, I have some Prontors that are #0 fit, same 0 threads for the front elements but smaller possibly #00 I've not checked rear elemnts - these don't have ashutter releason the side it's on the rear to connect to a lever.

I have all the shutters liosted, aperture scales can't be transferred from one make to another though.