Just like Matt, for me it has also been a long time since I commented on cards received, so here's an overdue update.

delphine has surprised me with a very ingenious constructed print with built-in photo stand. Lovely shot as well, despite or thanks to the weather. Goes to show that weather should not be limiting you when photographing.
JimO's Tampa Bay, love the clouds, nice composition.
haslguitar's photo reminds me of a certain film by a man named Hitchcock. Scary to think about it in that context. Great shot with the action of the bird moving in from the right.
The bluejeh's cards also arrived. Ed's angel with lots of detail, Judy's Through the window, the distorted reflection of the building shown in the window; both very nice.
rst, Louvre detail, this is what b&w was made for; shapes, materials, lights, shadows, absolutely great.
George Nova Scotia, the man who makes all this possible nowadays, had the idea of going on a picnic. In this weather? I don't think so! I can say we had a long winter over here, but when I see the amount of snow on this photo, then seeing you call it a light snowfall, well... then things are put into perspective once more.
mjs, a man and his horse, gives a nice view of the sesquincentennial parade.
Oxleyroad, last (for now) but not least, sent a great photo, lovely wide view on very nice paper. I was thinking stubs of trees at first, until I read the back. Okay, a bit more itchy than treestubs... Very nice panoramic view.

And with that, I'm just three cards short of a complete set for round 28. It's been another great round. Let's see if I can ...just for once... start early on round 29.