I think the merits of the Bronica SQ are greatly exaggerated. The 80mm PS lens is superb in B&W but every other lens I found lackluster, especially for color photography. The color rendition looks very dated to me, similar to what cheap off-brand DSLR lenses look like today. The 180mm PS lens was the second best among the ones I tested (PS50, PS65, PS80, S105, PS150, PS180, PS250) but other than those two, I would certainly rather go for a Mamiya C or Bronica S instead, if you need to stay in the same price range.

The older Bronica S has a fantastic lineup in the Nikkor OC 50mm f2.8, Zenzanon 100mm f2.8 and Zenzanon MC 150mm f3.5. If you need the higher speed sync of leaf shutter lenses, I'd suggest going for Hassy and be done with it.