Hi everybody!

The results are finally in!

I packaged my 100 foot roll of Agfa Aviphot 200 E-6 color slide film 35mm, I got 20 36 exposure rolls with lots of frames leading and trailing to take care of the fiber optic type "Light Piping" characteristic of Agfa's Polyester base films.

The two test rolls shot look absolutely wonderful! Just like the former Agfa RSX II 200 slide film, with just a touch of warmth bias charateristic of the much beloved Agfa slide films, I am not seeing any grain per se, just great color slide film with excellent color rendition.

Shame on Maco.de for packaging rotten damaged yellow color slide film from AGFA! Shame on the folks at Lomography for packaging and selling rotten yellow damaged color film from Agfa!
Shame on all the other vendors that are in "Denial" about selling Rollei CR-200 and Lomography X-pro 200 as being a neutral color rendering slide film! I would say Freestyle Photo in Hollywood is one of the most in denial about their "Yellow" Rollei CR-200 slide film, But Oh! they will give you a refund if you are not satisfied! Really useful after spending 10 bucks to get this bad roll developed! Really helpful!

Wittner-Cinetec in Germany who has packaged FRESH, not old crappy yellow Agfa Aviphot 200 Chrome E-6 slide film from Agfa Belgium in 35mm X 100 foot rolls is a true hero for those of us that crave real and fresh AGFA RSX II 200 ASA color slide film.

This film looks absolutely fabulous! I had mine processed by a local lab that does E-6 with the Refrema "Dip and Dunk" system.

Perhaps we could get Wittner-Cinetec to cut and roll us some 120 film? Meanwhile if you want 120 film you can get "Puke Yellow" agfa slide film from Maco/Rollei or the Lomography people, Bleah!