OK, I'm not going to pull any punches - I have been using a SQAi for the last few years and I have had my fair share of issues:

  • 80mm lens - variable shutter speeds/sticking shutter when set to 1/500
  • 150mm lens - short on the flash circuit. Started out as firing the flash out of sync, ended up not firing flash at all
  • Intermittent Scratches on the film

Now here is the cruncher - The SQ series were used by professionals and I would say that the majority have had a decent, if not hard, life. They are working cameras, not shelf queens.

And now here is the best bit - the camera's are totally serviceable. Yes, there are experts such as Jim Koh, but there are also many other camera technicians who can adequately service these camera's. Yes, I do have issues, but I also acknowledge that a good CLA will probably resolve the lot.

My biggest concern is that the second hand market has all but dried up - KEH have a fraction of the stock they did a few years ago. The Evil Auction site seems to only have ridiculous 'Buy It Now' listings.

The main comparison that I have is obviously with the 'blad range - Value for money, the SQ series beats these hands down.