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stay away form series e... maybe my copy, but the 28mm really sucks (plain and simple), and does not have crc.
I know we're talking wides here, but... the 100mm 2.8 Series E is pretty glorious. I've heard some dislike it so some examples may have aged less well. But it's an amazing lens for people (and is just gorgeous using DSLR cameras for video - magical in that regard). They used to be crazy cheap, but filmmakers are getting wise to 'em. (You'd be surprised how many TV spots, etc. are shot with older Nikon primes using lens adapters).

I have the 28mm E as well - it tested better than aftermarkets in that range, but I only use it for video gigs - it is my primary prime for DSLR video though, and in that application it's a very nice looking image, usually shooting from 2.8 to F4.