A lens with focal length f sees the same view on 6x9 (lousy metric approximation to the real format, 2.25" x 3.25", 2x3 for short) as a lens with focal length .43*f sees on 35 mm still. A 65 mm lens on 2x3 sees what a .43 * 65 = 28 mm lens sees on 24 x 36.

If you're willing to use an interchangeable lens camera, you might look into 2x3 press and view cameras. I've happily shot 2x3 Graphics for decades with lenses that cover 2x3 as short as 35 mm. The shortest lens that covers 2x3 and can be used on a 2x3 Speed Graphic is probably the 58/5.6 Grandagon; shorter lenses need a shorter camera such as the Crown Graphic or 2x3 Century Graphic. 2x3 view cameras are much harder to find than 2x3 press cameras.

I'm partial to my Graphics, but you shouldn't overlook the Mamiya Press system. Its shortest two lenses are 50 and 65 mm, both rangefinder coupled.