thanks everyone for your help!

I traded straight across my HB kit for a 5-lens GX680III kit this past month, and have enjoyed using it very much thus far. Despite the greater amount of bulk size-wise, the MUCH(considering a 645 sized crop vs straight 6x8, same 3x4 ratio) larger negative/transparency is a great deal clearer in both prints and scans!

However, the other day I ran into a small issue:
THE HOTSHOE on the front standard is "loose". It wiggles. And thusly, the hotshoe doesn't always trigger when I need it to using Pocketwizards.

DOES ANYONE KNOW A HIGH QUALITY(as in Fuji certified) TECHNICIAN FOR THE GX680III system? Its just that one issue, but if I'm sending it in, I figured I might as well get a full checkup done on the body.

also, some of the darkslides on the backs(IIIN ones) I got in the kit are quite warped/bent. Any idea of replacements?