When newly announced analog products, that have never been released, are already discontinued, it might be time to find another hobby..../*sarcasm*/

Below from FS. In all seriousness, I hope they can pull this off, their efforts are always appreciated. A great company, sorry to hear of the setback below...

The Silver Collection By Arista
May 22, 2013

We have reached a temporary impasse with the manufacturer of "The Silver Collection, by Arista," but rest assured we are continually working on ways to create additional black and white products to maximize your photographic options. Our primary goal is to support as many traditional photographic manufacturers as possible and to keep black and white films and papers not only readily available, but also affordable. Even though the Silver products may not be forthcoming at this time, we will continue to work with manufacturers that are fully committed to our primary goal. Please continue to check our website for upcoming new product introductions.