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I found this at Harblei:


They want $245 for the projector and $95 for shipping. However, I have some concerns. I am not sure about the reputation of Harblei.com, or of a 1991 Kiev Projector. Does anyone have any experience buying form Harblei.com, or know of the Kiev 66 projector?

I can answer neither question, but I do have one question for you: is this the projector you've set your heart on, or are you just looking for an affordable 6x6 slide projector? If so, I reckon you should have other choices for less money than this. I see 6x6 projectors regularly turn up on the Dutch marktplaats for less (you could even get lucky and find a Rollei P11 for that cash if you're willing to spend it). I even saw a 4x5" projector in Switzerland some weeks ago and it didn't sell for less than what Hartblei was asking.

Cheers, norm